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Unveiling of North Borneo War Memorial 1923Sir Charles Jessel, Vice Chairman, British North Borneo Chartered CompanyBond StreetSir Roland Turnbull, Governor 1954Railway HQ with Atkinson Clock Tower at the background
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Introducing Sabah Heritage
Sabah Tourism Industry grew in leaps and bounds within 10 years since 1995 and has since then secured a reputation of being one of the top Ecotourism destinations as well as having top class five star beach resorts. Malaysia first World Heritage Site, Kinabalu Park, Sabah's Heritage is situated here.

However, thousands of visitors arrived, stayed and left Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah without much knowledge it. A century old history and the culture of the local population has given the city a unique heritage mixed with modern facilities. The city itself has a lot more to offer and the only way to know Kota Kinabalu, more popularly known as KK and also Api locally, is to stroll down the streets down memory lane.

KK Heritage Walk

KK Heritage Walk is a unique way of introducing Sabah's Heritage to visitors. KK Heritage Walk provides that link with visiting historical sites and structures, plus strolling down the oldest street in Kota Kinabalu, learning about its pre-war, post-war (when Sabah was known as North Borneo) and post-independence eras while mingling with the locals.

The Walk will definitely be a memorable one for visitors and complementing one visit to Sabah. The Guidebook to KK Heritage Walk will further enhance the Walk.  Link more info




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Heritage Guides
These 10 Heritage Guides have guiding experiences between 8 to 18 years as at year 2005. Each of them has become professional and specializes in different areas of guiding such as nature, bird watching, culture and historical. The concern of preserving and conserving historical, culture and nature has brought them together proactively to form the HERITAGE CLUB with the aim and priority in contributing to this area.

The launching of KK Heritage Walk has provided the platform for them to be actively involved in creating the awareness of Sabah Heritage conservation.

The Heritage Guides themselves have been specially trained to do the guiding for this Heritage Walk.  Link more info